Dr. Mongo

Open-source MongoDB admin app built on MeteorJs.

MongoDB Database

Build Your Next Project on MongoDB

MongoDB Compass

Get key insights, drag and drop to build pipelines

Create an App

App Services UI, CLI, or Admin API

Browse, insert, delete or edit your documents with ease.


2-in-1: Table & tree

Table & tree view combined.
Pin the most important attributes
of your documents.

Favorite filters

Save & name your filters
to return to them easily.


9 color themes for databases

Pick a color for each database to prevent accidental changes on production database instead of the local one.

Search _id, everywhere

Just paste any document _id
and Dr. Mongo will dig it up for you.

Foreign _id relations

Click to any “id-looking” value to find the related document.


Dr. Mongo runs as a Meteor application, so you need to have Meteor installed, first.

$ curl https://install.meteor.com/ | sh
More info about installing meteor see www.meteor.com/install

Clone git repository and run the application

$ git clone https://github.com/DrMongo/DrMongo.git
$ cd DrMongo
$ meteor --port 3040
Your Dr. Mongo instance has to be running along with your other Meteor apps, so we use port 3040, but you are free to use any port.

Once your app is running, go to


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